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Business Recovery Solutions LLC is a results-driven company, consistently executing creative solutions to corporate rebuilding, growth, financing and recapitalization initiatives. We are a corporate turnaround and restructuring company specializing in pre and post bankruptcy workouts, business planning, acquisitions, funding and investing. Whether you need help with a corporate turnaround, funding initiatives, mergers, financial advice or investment banking services, we quickly assess your business situation - and develop an action plan to set the company up for future success.

During our more than 30 years working with corporate America, we have built a stellar reputation by providing reliable and cost effective management services. Our approach with owners, lenders and management is professional, constructive and non-adversarial, grounded in real business issues to produce tangible results.


We fully understand the complexities of balancing competing priorities within a dynamic restructuring environment including closely managing liquidity opportunities and communicating with key constituents. We work closely with your management team to combine their expertise with our experience, ideas, and seasoned business acumen.


Our approach with owners, lenders and management is professional, constructive and non-adversarial, grounded in real business issues to produce tangible results.


We also assist undervalued medium-sized businesses who are unable to obtain capital from conventional sources. This includes providing equity money, temporary crisis management, and when appropriate, investing in Chapter 11 cases, though we prefer to work with and assist pre-filing companies.

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Financial Business Planning, Turnarounds & Financial Advisory Services

Business Recovery Solutions LLC in Weston, Florida, offers financial advisory and business planning services linked to a positive corporate turnaround.
Corporate Business Turnaround, Restructuring Services for Companies in Crisis.

Corporate Business Turnaround is a crisis management intervention designed to control cash and maximize liquidity. We can help you re-negotiate debt, institute budgetary controls, create new operating procedures and develop alternatives to recapitalization, including debt reconstruction, equity injection or mergers. We provide turnaround services to any size business, from small independents to large established corporations. Collaborating with owners and management, bur forensic accounting and corporate investigation experts first focus on how to immediately improve cash flow and working capital management. As a team we then concentrate on cost management, revenue growth, profit margin analyses, sales, marketing strategy and execution - identifying problem areas and creating viable turnaround strategies in each functional area. Our Turnaround Team also has in-depth experience in valuing, marketing and selling distressed businesses and handling foreclosures and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy reorganization, emergence, sale, and if necessary, liquidation execution.

Founder and CEO

Jerry J. Schweiner, Principle 'Head Coach of Business Recovery Solutions LLC, is a seasoned executive with over thirty years of leadership experience and a proven record of achievement in financial services, pre- and post-bankruptcy workouts and seventeen successful manufacturing, retail, service and construction company corporate turnarounds. Jerry holds a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering and Industrial Education from the University of Wisconsin and attended Executive Leadership Programs at Stanford University. His past experiences included associations as a Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP), a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), and a Certified Insolvency Reorganization Accountant (CIRA). He is a past Fellow in the American College of Bankruptcy and has served as an Operating Trustee and Examiner in complex Chapter 11 cases and fraud investigations. Jerry began his career as an Industrial Engineer with John Deere. Since then, he has led some of the major corporations restructurings of the last three decades, serving as CEO, COO, CTO (Chief Turnaround Officer) and CRO )Chief Restructuring Officer) in a variety of prominent companies including John Deere, Home Depot, Rockwell International, Allegheny International, Allis Chalmers, Snapper Inc and Carrier Corporation.

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